Friday, April 30, 2010

Working in the green room again!

3 new hip sacks!!!
Purple w/ orange liner and button.

Inside the purple hip sack.

Close up of the gorgeous orange fabric.

I made this one for me. It's tall enough for a diaper. It has an outside zippered pocket.
Notice the old lady bling in the corner!

Green floral lining.

Close up of the black/white fabric.

I love orange. Notice the orange button. This hip sack is perfect for carrying a phone or something small like that.

Inside is blue block fabric. My husband was nice enough to lend the $20 to the photo shoot.
Thanks Dan.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Check it out!

Check out my homemade laundry soap on the Joli Vous page on the Joli Vous tab!!! or check out my little shop at

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Great Book!

I borrowed this book from my local library after reading a review on It's The Handmade Market Place by Kari Chapin. This book covers everything you need to know in order to sell your homemade goods. It covers advertising, branding, establishing business practices, and even craft fairs! Plus more! I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking about selling your crafts. It answered all my questions.... I had a lot of them! What I love most are the thoughts and tips from people who actually do this sucessfully! Great read! Three thumbs up! (one thumb being my daughter's). Yay! This book makes the idea of selling homemade goods not so complicated.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

No tip for you!

This evening, we went up to Uniontown, PA to have dinner at the Eat 'N Park. We being my brother-in-law Luke, my mom-in-law MJ, my hubby, my daughter, and I. It was a nice drive and the restuarant (visually) wasn't too bad. Our server was awful. Refills were impossible to come by and she completely ignored us. Then, once it was obvious that we were ready for the check, the server came over and asked if she could walk my daughter up to the counter for a cookie. Well, Dan and I reluctantly agreed thinking that this was routine... and well, my daughter wanted a cookie. She had behaved up to this point considering that she's a two year old without a nap. Well, once she got out of the booth and had cookie in hand, the meltdown began! She didn't want to get back into the booth whatsoever and had a big tantrum. And I'm thinking... along with everyone else at our table... "Thanks a lot, Lady!" So, if she happens to read this... "You didn't get a tip because the service sucked and you pissed my kid off!" Ugh!  I hate not leaving a tip. Usually, when I get bad service, I chalk it up to a busy time... maybe the server is new... maybe they're just having a bad day... I give them benefit of the doubt and leave a pretty good tip. I'm not evil. But this lady.... I left the place disgusted! This lady brought coffee but no creamer or anything, then wondered off for what seemed like an eternity. We sat down from the salad bar and had our plates cleared before our drinks were on the table. Oh, and by the way, the salad bar had about six different dressings but no ranch! That's crazy! I'm sure that there's gotta be a good Eat 'N Park out there.... But the Uniontown one didn't quite make the cut!

.....Shouldn't it be called Park 'N Eat??

We still had a good time though, once we left that place. We went over to the mall and shopped a little. I got the new Lemon Vanilla scented body wash and lotion from Bath & Body Works. I give it two thumbs up. Makes me hungry though.... I'm headed to the kitchen, guys and gals....


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hip Sack #2

Dark purple outside. Notice the cute little green button.

Inside is bright green. I used velcro this time instead of a zipper. I like how it turned out.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hip Sack #1

My husband modeling the hip sack. Notice the star on the zipper tab. It's a paper clip. The back of the hip sack has two strips that thread onto a belt.

The lining is bright yellow. There's a pocket that I sewn in half to make two pockets. The pockets are the same as the outside material. They are the perfect size for a phone or something like that.

Thanks to my wonderful handsome model, Dan!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thanks, Cat!

I added a new link. It was suggested to me by Cat. I love this site. Next, I will be making the vintage aprons with matching caps. Maybe I can get my husband to wear one. He'd be so cute. Then, I just may attempt a weekender bag or two or three.... But not the Amy Butler kind.... That pattern scares me. I'll work my way up to that though.

Peter Cat Pillow

I made this small pillow yesterday.

It's my first try at the satin stitch.

I hand stitched "Peter Cat". The satin stitch turned out well here. I'm not discouraged from trying it again. Not yet. The pillow is a little oddly shaped but is Pete!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

13 pounds of lovin'....

Well, Pete went to the vet today. He's a whopping 13 pounds. He used to be a lot bigger. But still, he's a big cat! Everyone thought he was aorable with the cape on. He got a microchip injected between the shoulder blades and some shots. I bought him a new collar for being such a good guy. It has red and silver hearts on it. Maybe he'll model it for me later. But all in all, he's in good health. On another note, I made a prototype for my fanny packs. It turned out perfect. It will hold my keys and phone. But I'm going to make some a little bit bigger for when I need to carry a snack and such. I decided to make a variety of sizes because everyone has different needs. Some people are complicated.

I couldn't help myself....

He does it because he loves me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Supa Pete!

I made Pete a cape. He's my superhero. Meow. He's going to the vet tomorrow so I want him to look nice. He's getting a microchip. That's right. I can track him down now.

Pete is back!!!

Hooray! I opened up my door today and guess who was there? Pete! He came back for me. Two weeks of worry and now, I got the bounce back in my step! "Romeo, Romeo, Where art thou Romeo." I speak into the night air. "Here I am, Momma." Pete replies in his raspy voice. Today, nothing is complicated. Thank you everyone!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pete is missing!

My romeo cat, Pete has been gone for over a week now. Please, everyone pray for his safe return! I miss you, Pete!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Farmer's Market Bag

The long awaited Farmer's Market Bag

Up close shot of the applique

The lining of the bag

All materials, buttons, and applique were freecycled to me by Cat. Thanks! Happy Easter!!!