50 Facts

1. My real name is Danielle but no one calls me that.
2. My middle name is Jo.
3. I'm a Virgo.
4. I'm married.
5. I'm the proud mommy to my one daughter.
6. I have two dogs, two cats, and some fish.
7. I live in Western MD.
8. I'm a swap addict.
9. I love craftser.org!
10. My favorite scents are orange, lemon, and lavendar.
11. I hate anything grape or dimetapp color.
12. I hate onions with a passion.
13. I love little cherry tomatoes but am allergic.
14. My favorite colors are yellow, pink, and orange.
15. I live in a very haunted house.
16. I love my PT Cruiser!
17. I can't swim.
18. I'm fat and most of the time it doesn't bother me.
19. I love to sew and craft.
20. I don't know what ATCs are.
21. I wish I could crochet.
22. I love bags, wallets, clutches, and such!
23. I dream of "living off the land".
24. I'm obsessed with the Golden Girls.
25. I'm an insomniac.
26. My favorite flavors are peach, orange, and peanut butter.
27. I'm 24 years old.
28. I love to shop, especially at thrift stores.
29. My favorite foods are pizza and tacos... mmmm.... taco pizza.
30. Both of my parents have remarried and moved on.
31. I think it would be cool to live in Alaska.
32. I hate doing laundry but like going to laundry mats.
33. Adam Sandler gets on my nerves.
34. I take pride in all things homemade.
35. I'm blind in my left eye.
36. I adore my cats.
37. My sewing room is green.
38. Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks are my favorite actors.
39. I wish I looked like Meg Ryen.
40. I'd like to go to France someday.
41. I obsessively wash my hands.
42. I like retro pop.
43. Zombies scare me. And I like it.
44. I'm scared of the dark.
45. I worry about running out of toilet paper in a crazy way.
46. I can sometimes be a cheap skate.
47. I like yellow roses. I hate red roses.
48. Mirrors freak me out.
49. I believe in aliens and gaurdian angels.
50. I have a bee phobia.