Joli Vous Boutique

Joli Vous is the name of my homemade powder laundry detergent. It's safe and gentle. Joli Vous is suitable for all clothing types. I use it on my husband's heavily soiled work uniforms and on my daughters clothes. I also have a HE washer and it has given me no trouble. Email me for details/questions/comments at

Light Fresh Scent! Not too much or too little.
30-60 Loads   $8.00 + s&h   ($5.00)
Local (21502) orders can be delivered FREE!

Note: Decorations not included.
When hand delivered to your door, the powder laundry soap will be in a paper bag like in the above picture. Inside the paper bag will be the soap safely stored in a resealable ziptop plastic bag. Directions are included.

Note: Decorations not included.

When shipped to you, you will receive the powder laundry soap in a resealable ziptop plastic bag.
This makes shipping more cost effective, saving you money. Directions are included.

**Now working on a great bath salt and an awesome cooling foot soak!! Email me for details!**

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