Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rain, rain, rain,

How about this ugly weather?! I don't mind a rain storm here and there but this is ridiculous. All this gloom depresses me. Plus, I have this headache I can't shake. Joli Vous has been doing good. I've been busy creating new products and brainstorming new ideas. Ordered some new packaging to help my products look more presentable and pretty. I've been wanting to rename my blog. At the time, life was quite complicated. Now, I think I have a good grip on things. So, I will brainstorm some new titles tonight. I'd like something positive, you know? Oh, and I bought a little digital camera that will fit in my pocket, so there will be more pictures coming soon.

Dan is officially done the semester and is taking the summer off from college. So, Dan's Corner will have some substance to it soon. Keep checking it out though. You never know when he'll decide to start on some home improvements.

Dan, resizing a door.
Dan, painting my window.

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Mary Jo said...

Yes ugly weather. I would say a girls day out is needed soon. VERY SOON!!!!