Saturday, May 15, 2010

Three thumbs up!

Notice the new name? I wear the name CrazyCatLady proudly. These, of course, are not my cats for those of you wondering. Just thought this photo summed me up... A crazy cat lady with a sewing machine!

On another note, I went to Hagerstown shopping along with my mom in law and daughter. Beautiful weather! We stopped at Ryan's Buffet for dinner. What wonderful service! My daughter fell asleep in the car so she slept in the booth while we ate. Then, out of nowhere, our server comes over and gives me a styrofoam box and says I can fill it for my little girl to eat later. How thoughtful! The food was great and the service was even better. For dessert, I had a slice of carrot cake that sent me off to another dimension. If you're ever in Hagerstown, MD and got a rumble in your tummy, give Ryan's a try! Three thumbs up! (one thumb is my daughter's)

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Mary Jo said...

One of those thumbs is mine. I enjoyed the day and the meal.