Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have made it through the first trimester! I am 12 weeks along now. I go back to see my lovely ob the first week of November to set up my cerclage. I don't know if I'd call it simple or not but it's a short little surgery where a stitch is put in to keep the baby in. I have a incompetent cervix which basically means it's a weak almost non-existant cervix. I'll have this done right around Thanksgiving. Am I nervous? Nah. I had this done before while pregnant with the monkey so I know what's all involved, risks, what I can and cannot do. Bedrest of course follows this. But without the cerclage, carrying a baby wouldn't be possible for me.

I will say that this pregnancy has been mild so far compared to my previous. No upset stomach, no migranes, and no backache. I have been insanely tired, new to me. And my stomach is a tad picky as to what it wants. Grapes have been a favorite the past few weeks. I have been wanting a grilled hotdog though. (Maybe one day, I'll get one.)


Mary Jo said...

Grilled hot dog ... would a cookout be the order for the day on the 1st. You will make it are a survivor.

Mary Jo said...
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Mary Jo said...

Well I see that you can tell I deleted a comment. Just to tell on myself it was duplicate of the previos comment.