Thursday, March 11, 2010

My first post...ever!

Well, this is my first post. I had been pondering about maybe doing this but wasn't sure. Anyways, here I am. I'm going to tell you about myself to start things off. I am a stay at home mom of one daughter. I am in the process of learning how to sew and be crafty in general. I enjoy writing poetry...but I haven't written anything in five years or so. I have two cats that I just adore. I have an orange tabby named Pete. He's my romeo....a real charmer. He's about 6 years old. I have a ragdoll kitten named Penny. She's a scruffy maniac! She's about 6 months old. I also have two dogs. Mona is a Great Pyr and Amelia is a shar-pei/pittbull mix. Let's see...what else....I enjoy cooking. Actually the movie Julie/Julia gave me the idea to do this blogging thing. But I am not as goal driven as the character in the movie. I enjoy shopping at thift stores with my mother-in-law. How many people can say they like their mother-in-law? Well, I can. I enjoy shopping with my husband too...I know, that's a strange thing to say but it's the truth. Oh, and by the way if you're wondering what the green room is...It's my sewing room. It's painted green and isn't very big. It's kinda like a large closet that I've turned into my santuary. will be my sanctuary once I can get it organized and make sense of the mess. It's complicated.

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Mary Jo said...

You are a special young woman