Saturday, March 27, 2010

What's your point, Norm?

So, this evening, I am sitting my computer. I'm looking down at my keyboard and thinking "what should I say?" I don't know. This blog is to serve as my online journal. I do know that. I finished my farmer's market bag and soon (within a day or two) I will have pics on here. I think my next project will be make fanny packs. "Fanny Packs?" you say. Yes, fanny packs. Not the old dorky kind but new awesome ones! Bright colors---Yea!!! I'll start them as soon as I get the green room back in order. It's a mess again. I'm out growing the space! I am an insomniac; therefore, I watch late night television. The past few nights, I have been watching "Cheer's". The old show from the 80's. Well, last night I watched an episode where "Norm", one of the bar patrons, gets a new job at this top accounting firm. Well, the bar employees and other patrons go down to "Norm's" new office to say congrats and give him a plant for his office. Well, after scrambling around the building trying to find the suite number, they finally find it. They whip open the door and immediately, the door hits his desk. Bam! They immediately find out that his new office is more like a broom closet! So, there's "Norm", in his plump glory pinned between the desk and wall. And I think to myself "That's me in my sewing room"! So, I wake my husband up to tell him. And he actually thought it was funny and got the joke. Usually, I would get a grumble and a grunt from him. I just looked it up and the episode is called "Norm's First Hurrah" (1987). If you ever can't sleep, turn the t.v. on the Hallmark Channel at 1 a.m. The show plays until sometimes 4 a.m. It's definitely worth watching. There, I found something to talk about! Whew!

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Grumpy - Dan never!!!