Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who's bad?

Well, that would be me! My little girl and I went to Walmart tonight for some groceries. Well, lo and behold, my father-in-law's special big assed girlfriend was in the frozen aisle. He left my mother-in-law who is an angel...for this saddle bag wearing hoe. Well, anyways, she recognized me, made eye contact....and thus, the fun commenced. As I walked down the aisle pushing my buggy, I was struggling for something to say. This, by the way, never happens to me. I always have something clever to say. Well, my buggy is parallel to hers when I notice she is buying hungryman meals (my father-in-law's favorite crap in a box)...then, I let it rip! Well, not actually, I just make a fart noise that the whole aisle can hear! I lifted my leg slighted and pointed my ass in her direction while I did it!!! I do have some class so I won't pout her name on her. But if you wanna know just email me. Tonight was not complicated for me. This woman is exactly why women get a bad rap as hoes and gold diggers. Only her target has no gold!!!! Shame on her.

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