Saturday, March 13, 2010

the wallet I made inside of wallet

inside the "cat" bag

front of "cat" bag

Back of "cat" bag

I had a busy day today. First, I painted the window sills in the livingroom. They went from ugly and dingy to bright white! Getting up off my ass to do something makes me feel good. Maybe it's this spring weather we've been having. I also worked in the green room some. I organized it and made it somewhat tolerable. And with the energy left over I constructed a carry all bag and wallet(pictured above). Then, my husband, daughter, mom-in-law, and I went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner. I got the Ruby's Mini's with the salad bar. Yum! I, with much enthusiasm, suggest the salad bar....especially the pasta & pea salad! Well, back to my work in the green room... My next project will be a farmer's market tote. So I won't have to cart around plastic bags while chasing after my daughter. She'll be two next month. I plan on the outside of the tote being tan burlap and the inside lined with this pretty pink and white checkered material. And maybe I will make a small zippered pouch to match for my neccessities. Come to think of it, I should make a zippered pouch or two to match the cat bag! Back to the green room. The thoughts just come at random, I know. It's complicated.

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Mary Jo said...

Great job!!!!!!!!!!!